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Frequently Asked Questions

Look For You


How does Look For You work?


Click the Look For You link at the top of the page and follow the directions to use your phone, tablet, or computer to take a selfie. When you're done, close the window.


Next comes the fun part! You’ll get suggestions to help you know what frames will look great on you, and BF recommendations tailored to suit your one-of-a-kind face, you beautiful thing you.


As you explore, look for the BF badge. It's a little sign that means "Check these out!"


Do I have to use a smart phone to take my Look For You selfie? 


You can use a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, or desktop computer. As long as your device has a camera, you're in business. The important part is that you position yourself so that your eyes are level with the camera eye and you’re facing the light. 


Try again? The Look For You scan didn't work, what now?


If your eyes aren't level with your camera eye, or if there are shadows on your face, we can't see you very well. Try again, eyes level to camera. And remember, lighting is everything. Make sure light is shining on the front of your face.


Can I save my results?


You can! Create an account and you can return to your results and recommendations at any time by clicking the BF badge at the top of the page.


What does the BF badge mean?


The BF badge means these glasses will look great on you. How do we know this? It's all in the selfie. Explore with abandon. You might be surprised at what you find!


Why are you recommending certain frames for me?


Excellent question! When you view a product with the BF badge, you'll see a personalized assessment of why those frames would be particularly fetching on you, based upon your face shape and features. Check it out, it's really cool.


Refine and Explore


What does the Refine and Explore slider do?


It makes finding glasses you'll love simple and fun. 


Say you find a pair of frames and you like everything about them, if only the rims were slightly thinner? We've got you. 


Scroll down the page to the Refine and Explore section. Select an element to adjust, and start swiping your way to your perfect pair. Your eyewear soulmate is waiting to be found!


Eyewear Brands


What brands do you carry?


We carry only genuine name brand product. The real deal. We are an authorized stockist of your favorite fashion brands like Ray-Ban, Nike, Carrera, Polaroid, Rebecca Minkoff, Betsey Johnson, and many more. Check back often - we’re adding top brands and new styles all the time.


What if the frames I love are out of stock?


A Befitting customer care expert will reach out to you to discuss your order status.


Price Match Guarantee


I found frames on another site at a lower price. How does your Price Match Guarantee work?


Befitting offers a lowest price guarantee on most frames. Just call us at 1-833-BEFITTING (1-833-233-4884), and our customer care team will take care of you.

Here's the fineprint…


  • Price match applies to the frame only, lenses are excluded from the price match policy.


  • Price matched product must be identical to Befitting's frame in brand, style, color, size.


  • Price matched product must be carried by an online, authorized seller of genuine product based in the United States.


  • Products carried on clearinghouse sites, auctions sites, marketplace sites, overstock sites, and resale sites such as Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Poshmark are not eligible for price match.


  • Befitting will price match only to competitor's retail price. If a competitor's product is priced is lower due to markdown, promotion, or rebate, price matching, or misprint, the product is excluded from price match.


  • This offer cannot be combined with a promotion code.


Already purchased your glasses?


No problem! We will honor the Price Match Guarantee for 14 days. Just call Befitting customer care at 1-833-BEFITTING (1-833-233-4884).  





How do I order my glasses?


Once you find your love match frames, click the “Choose lenses” button to add them to your cart. You'll be prompted to select the type of glasses you want, prescription or no prescription.


Next, you choose your lenses.


  • Standard Lenses

    Best for light to moderate prescriptions.


  • Polycarbonate

    This lightweight material is 22% lighter than standard lenses. Impact resistant, so it's a great choice if you're active, or tough on glasses. Great for light to moderately strong prescriptions.


  • Ultra Lightweight

    These high-index lenses are the thinnest, lightest, and most comfortable choice. Perfect for those of us with stronger prescriptions. 33% lighter than standard lenses.


  • BluTech Polycarbonate

    Superior blue light protection. Our industry-leading BluTech lenses feature enhanced blue light filtration embedded in the lens material. Reduces eye strain and fatigue from exposure to mobile phones, computers, and the sun.


Then, choose your lens treatments.


  • Standard Anti-reflective Coating

    Increase clarity, reduce glare from reflections, and the halos around lights at night. Also helps resist scratches and UV.


  • Premium Anti-reflective Coating

    Maximum scratch, glare, and smudge resistance. Provides great UV protection and helps prolong the life of your glasses.


And you’re ready for checkout. We’ll ask you for your prescription after checkout.


When do I submit my prescription?


Right after you place your order, we'll ask you to upload or email your prescription.


Don't worry if you don’t have your prescription handy at the time of purchase. You will receive an email that also has a link to submit your prescription once you have it.


I see you ask for a PD, what's this?


PD is an abbreviation for pupillary distance, which means the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil. Why do we need this? Because this measurement helps craft lenses to insure you have the most sparkling, crystal clear vision.


My prescription doesn't have a PD on it, what should I do? 


Call your vision care provider (the phone number should be on your prescription), ask for your PD, and write it on the prescription like this: "PD-63" if you are given a single number, or “PD L-32 R-31” if you are given two measurements.


Can't get your PD for some reason? Call us and we'll figure it out! That's us - helpers! 1-833-BEFITTING


I don’t have my prescription.


Ask your vision care provider for your prescription and PD. They usually offer three options to get your RX: pick it up, snail mail, or fax. Sometimes, they're extra nice and will email it to you if you ask. It's your information, right? Don't forget to get the PD (pupillary distance). Write it on the prescription like this: "PD-63" if you are given a single number, or “PD L-32 R-31” if you are given two measurements.


Achieving a precise fit


Will my glasses need to be adjusted to fit me?


As with any day-to-day wear item, small adjustments will need to be made to ensure the proper fit and comfort of your Befitting frames. Our optical experts have prepared these recommendations for adjustments you can make at home. You’ve got this!


Are the nose pads pinching your nose?


If your nose pads are causing your specs to sit too high or feel too tight on your nose, there is a simple fix.


Holding the eyeglasses firmly in one hand, open the nose pads by gently pressing the pad side of your thumb towards the lens. Go slowly to avoid dramatically changing the angle of the nose pad. Do this in small increments while keeping the angle of the nose pads in tact.


Do the nose pads feel too loose?


If the nose pads on your frames are too wide and are making the glasses sit too low on your face, we’ve got an easy solution you can tackle yourself.


While holding the glasses in one hand, gently pinch and press the nose pads from the backside with your forefinger away from the lens. Make sure to go slow and avoid dramatically changing the angle of the nose pad.


Can I adjust the temples (the arms) of my glasses?


Whether your glasses are feeling too loose or too tight, temple adjustments are relatively simple and you’ll be wearing your frames with comfort and ease in no time. Your new frames should be fairly pliable, but you can run the area you are attempting to reshape under hot tap water to warm it up. Never use boiled water or a hair dryer as you could permanently damage your frames. As you adjust your Befitting specs, be sure to use gentle and steady pressure, you’ll need to carefully brace the area you are reshaping to create resistance.


What do I do if my glasses don't feel secure on my face?


If your glasses are slipping or loose, a simple tightening adjustment to the temples will likely fix the problem.


Again, go slowly as you do these adjustments and try wearing the frames after each adjustment to ensure the perfect fit. To tighten the temple for a more secure fit you’ll need to either increase the inward angle of the temple ends, or increase the downward angle of the temple ends. While holding the main part of the frame in one hand, gently pinch the temple ends with your other hand to pull them downward or inward depending on the adjustment needed.


What if my glasses feel tight over my ears?


If your glasses are too tight at the temple or hurting behind your ear or your ear itself, you’ll need to make a small adjustment to your temples to resolve this problem.


To loosen the temple for a more comfortable fit you’ll need to either decrease the inward angle of the temple ends or decrease the downward angle of the temple ends. While holding the main part of the frame in one hand, gently pinch the temple ends with your other hand to pull them upwards or upwards depending on the adjustment needed.


Have any questions about your new Befitting eyewear? No problem. Just call us at 1-833-BEFITTING (1-833-233-4884)




Where do you ship to?


Right now, we ship to the US and all of Canada, except Quebec. Do we have plans for world domination?  Maybe.


How long before I receive my glasses?


We really like fast delivery and we really dislike shipping fees, so we offer FREE shipping.


                  • Free Shipping will be delivered in 4 - 5 business days


                  • Second Day Shipping will be delivered in 1 - 3 business days


                  • Next Day Shipping will be delivered in 1 - 2 business days


Does that mean you can synchronize your watch to count down from the time you click "Order"? Not quite.


Like any meticulously crafted product, there is production time. Once we receive your prescription, we verify it with your vision care provider. Then we begin to build your glasses.


Lenses, treatments, polishing, quality assurance.


Once we're 100% satisfied we are providing impeccable lenses in our premium quality frames, your glasses begin their adventure to your mailbox.


Total estimated time from prescription verification to their new home on your handsome face: 8 - 10 business days.


Cancelation Policy


What if I need to cancel my order?


You may cancel your order anytime before your prescription is verified and your credit card is charged.


Returns Policy


What if my glasses aren't perfect?


You  may return your glasses within 30 days of receiving your product. After speaking with our Customer Care team at 833-BEFITTING (833-233-4884), you’ll receive a prepaid return shipping label via email.


All frames have a One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.


For questions about lenses, frames,
and anything else Befitting,
just call 1-833-BEFITTING

Ready and happy to help.