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How to Choose Lenses


Hi there. Ready to look at lenses? Great. We’ll make choosing the right material and features to suit your personal lifestyle a breeze.


Browsing frames is so much fun, but don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right lenses. Accurate vision correction is why we wear glasses, after all! And, ultimately, the right lenses often determine how happy you’ll be with your new eyewear.


Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Prescription Type

Single Vision

Whether you need help seeing the lead singer, your social feed, or somewhere in between. Provides correction to a single field of vision: far, near, or intermediate.

No Prescription

Silly? Au contraire. Eyewear with no vision correction is clearly incredibly popular as a fashion accessory, from Sunset to Main Street. Choose our BluTech Polycarbonate material, below, to minimize the effects of digital screens, artificial light, and the sun.



Your new Befitting eyeglass frame purchase includes Standard lenses at no additional cost. Because we love a great buy too. Best for light to moderate prescriptions.


This lightweight polycarbonate material (22% lighter than basic lenses) is impact resistant, so you worry less about your active lifestyle. Great for light to moderately strong prescriptions.

Ultra Lightweight  

These high-index lenses are the thinnest, lightest, and most comfortable choice. Perfect for those of us with stronger prescriptions. 33% lighter than basic lenses.

BluTech Polycarbonate  

22% lighter than basic lenses with enhanced blue light filtration. Reduces eye strain and fatigue from exposure to mobile phones, computers, and the sun. Screen time with less strain... yay!


Standard Anti-reflective Coating

Increase clarity, reduce glare from reflections, and the halos around lights at night. Also helps resist scratches and UV.

Premium Anti-reflective Coating

More is more, in our book. Maximum scratch, glare, and smudge resistance. Provides great UV protection and helps prolong the life of your glasses.

No Anti-reflective Coating — Free... we guess?

To be clear, you like eyestrain and scratches? Got it. You do you.

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