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Did you know that a high average of people enter wrongly their prescription when ordering online?

At Befitting we want to make sure your eyeglasses will be the right fit for you.

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Introducing Transitions Signature Gen 8 - our most advanced, fastest-darkening, fastest-fading Transitions lenses yet. No need to swap between glasses and sunglasses, these lenses adapt to the light, wherever you go. Available now with all your favorite frames.

How to Choose Lenses

Befitting is dedicated to offering top-quality lenses and manufacturing on every pair we deliver. Let's find the right lens for your Rx and lifestyle!


Single Vision 

Do you need lenses for just one correction? In most cases Single Vision lenses are prescribed to see more clearly in the distance but also for reading, computer and more.


Progressive lenses provide seamless vision with all viewing distances: far, near, or intermediate. Progressives are designed for everyday vision needs for the multifocal prescription. Befitting's digitally designed lenses are designed to your prescription, measurements and frame selection.



Our entry-level lens, a plastic 1.5 index lens, best for light prescriptions. Includes scratch resistant coating. Best for lower power ranges +2.00 to -2.50


Polycarbonate is our #1 selling lens material. Polycarbonate is a lightweight material at a 1.59 index, 22% lighter than standard lenses, scratch-resistant, and 100% UV protection. Best for low to moderately strong: +3.00 to -5.00

BluTech Polycarbonate    

BluTech Everyday blocks up to 20% of harmful blue light, more than double a clear lens with blue coating. The lens is clear and the coatings have a soft blue hue, subtle fashion tint with BIG health benefits. High level of the blue light protection + polycarbonate. Best for low to moderately strong: +3.00 to -5.00

Transitions Polycarbonate  

Transitions Signature Gen8 is the top performing light sensitive lens technology available. Delivering top reaction times to darken and lighten, darker outdoors, and lighter indoors. BONUS - Transitions also filter 20% of harmful indoor blue light. All of these benefits + polycarbonate. Available in Grey or Brown. Best for low to moderately strong:  +3.00 to -5.00

Ultra Lightweight  

Our thinnest lens, high-index 1.67 lenses are the thinnest and best choice with stronger prescriptions. The lenses are 33% lighter than standard lenses, scratch resistant, and have 100% UV protection. Best for strong +5.00 to -10.00

Anti-reflective Coatings

Standard Anti-reflective Coating

Increase clarity, reduce glare from reflections (in photographs as well as looking through), reduce night time glare, especially the halos around lights at night. Our standard coating includes scratch resistance and 100% UV protection.

Premium Anti-reflective Coating

Increase clarity, reduce glare from reflections (in photographs as well as looking through), reduce nighttime glare, especially the halos around lights at night. Our premium anti-reflective coating is oleophobic, hydrophobic, scratch resistant and 100% UV protection. Translation, a smudge resistant and water resistant coating that is easy to clean, stays clean longer and is durable.

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