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Price Match Guarantee 30-Day Risk-Free Purchase Free Shipping & Returns

Price Match Guarantee

We want you to have the confidence that you’re spending your money wisely. So, we offer a price match guarantee* on most frames. If you find a lower advertised price for the same frame just contact our customer care team and we will take care of you. Already made a purchase? No problem! We will honor the Price Match Guarantee for 14 days.


30-Day Risk-Free Purchase

We want you to love your new glasses. So, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days we will give you a full refund. No questions asked. Just contact our customer care team and we will take care of you.


Free Shipping & Returns

We want to make things as easy as possible for you. So, no matter what, the cost of standard shipping and returns is on us. You can shop with confidence knowing there are no hidden fees.

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Let's get you feeling and seeing your very best. With the hottest brands. classic looks, and latest trends, we guarantee a match made in heaven. Let's go!

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Provide the details below to see your vision insurance benefits applied as you shop. No need to submit a network claim form, so you save time and money.

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Get the most from your vision insurance at Befitting!

Free standard lenses, best price premium blue light lenses, and frame price match guarantee. Click here to access out of network reimbursement claim forms.

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Why do we ask for your prescription later?

Did you know that a high average of people enter wrongly their prescription when ordering online?

At Befitting we want to make sure your eyeglasses will be the right fit for you.

That's why we will get in touch with you after you complete the transaction to enter your prescription.

Unisex Eyeglasses

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  1. Find the glasses you love - Get RecommendationsFind the glasses you love - Get Recommendations
  2. brand-Ray-Ban-style-RX3447V-color-Gold-size-M-small-image Befitting badge
  3. brand-Ray-Ban-style-RX6448-color-White-size-M/L-small-image Befitting badge
  4. Free shipping and returns, 30-day risk-free purchaseFree shipping and returns, 30-day risk-free purchase
  5. brand-Ray-Ban-style-RX3582V-color-Copper-size-S/M-small-image Befitting badge
  6. brand-PsychoBunny-style-PB112-color-Gold-size-M-small-image Befitting badge
    Psycho Bunny
    PB 112
  7. brand-Fossil-style-FOS7117-color-Brown-size-M-small-image Befitting badge
    FOS 7117
  8. brand-PsychoBunny-style-PB124-color-Gunmetal-size-M/L-small-image Befitting badge
    Psycho Bunny
    PB 124
  9. brand-OriginalPenguin-style-TheAlex-color-Gold-size-S-small-image Befitting badge
    Original Penguin
    The Alex
  10. brand-Ray-Ban-style-RX8237VRoundTitanium-color-Gold-size-M-small-image Befitting badge
    RX8237V Round Titanium
  11. brand-Ray-Ban-style-RX8225VAviatorTitanium-color-Gunmetal-size-M/L-small-image Befitting badge
    RX8225V Aviator Titanium
  12. brand-Vogue-style-VO4221-color-Copper-size-M/L-small-image Befitting badge
    Starting at
  13. brand-Nike-style-Nike4311-color-Gunmetal-size-M/L-small-image Befitting badge
    Nike 4311
  14. brand-Nike-style-Nike4310-color-Gunmetal-size-M/L-small-image Befitting badge
    Nike 4310
  15. brand-Dragon-style-DR2016-color-Gunmetal-size-M/L-small-image Befitting badge
  16. brand-CalvinKlein-style-CK20315-color-Black-size-S/M-small-image Befitting badge
    Calvin Klein
  17. brand-CalvinKlein-style-CK20127-color-Gunmetal-size-M-small-image Befitting badge
    Calvin Klein
  18. brand-PerryEllis-style-PE442-color-Gold-size-S/M-small-image Befitting badge
    Perry Ellis
    PE 442
  19. brand-PsychoBunny-style-PB113-color-Tortoise-size-M-small-image Befitting badge
    Psycho Bunny
    PB 113
  20. brand-PsychoBunny-style-PB106-color-Gunmetal-size-S-small-image Befitting badge
    Psycho Bunny
    PB 106
  21. brand-Polaroid-style-PLD377G-color-Gunmetal-size-M-small-image Befitting badge
    PLD 377G
  22. brand-Ray-Ban-style-RX3547V-color-Gunmetal-size-M/L-small-image Befitting badge
  23. brand-Carrera-style-CA2009T-color-Gold-size-M-main-image Befitting badge
21 products
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